Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful forms of modern day marketing, but Influencer Giveaways take this power to a whole new level to skyrocket your business. We covered the entire concept of influencer marketing in our Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing here. This guide drills down further to cover how to take advantage of the best  strategy in influencer marketing: Influencer Giveaways.


Within the category of influencer marketing are a slew of sub-strategies you have at your disposal. These range from opulent and over-the-top strategies like influencer trips, in which a group of influencers are flown to an exotic location with your brand as the focus for all insta-worthy activities while on holiday, down to simple brand ambassador programs in which you employ influencers with followings in your niche to use/wear your brand regularly in their posts.


Although each strategies have their own merit, by far the most effective form of influencer marketing is the Influencer Giveaway. These giveaways not only generate buzz and excitement around your product, but also foster further investigation and research into your brand by those that enter the competition. The buy-in that is created when a follower enters a competition in which your product is the prize is unmatched by other forms of influencer marketing in which the influencer is merely recommending your product. A giveaway goes one step further by not only promoting your product as a recommendation, but extends beyond that to create excitement and anticipation in those that enter that they may receive your product as a prize. The lasting effect of this excitement fosters further investigation by many followers into your brand and products, solidifying awareness in a brand new target audience (your chosen influencer’s following), and generating more sales brought on by those eager followers that discover your brand’s products which they love and simply can’t wait until your Influencer’s giveaway winner is drawn. The result is a skyrocket in awareness of your brand, and a significant increase in sales. All from one giveaway! And this is without factoring in the extra followers that come from a giveaway where the rules of entry are that the entrant is following both you as the business partner, and the influencer as the host of the giveaway.


When selecting your Influencer(s) to run giveaways as your host, there are factors you need to consider in order to ensure you are maximising your exposure within your target market. It is not effective to select a foodie influencer if your brand is focused in the fashion niche. You need to ensure total alignment between your brand image, target market and that of your Influencer.


Things to consider when selecting your Influencer (a quick audit):

  1. Image

Is this influencer in alignment with your brand image? If you have an edgy brand or product, an influencer with an edgy style is going to showcase this the best. If you have an eccentric brand with eccentric products, an alternative, eccentric influencer is going to work best. Alternatively, a high fashion brand would be best served by a high-fashion influencer. 

  1. Audience/Follower Interest

The interests of an Influencer’s followers are just as important as the influencer themselves. Ensure your Influencer’s followers are engaging with the type of content the influencer already posts that is similar to your brand or products within. Influencer marketing only works when there is alignment between audience interest and the product/brand they are presented with. 

  1. Influencer Interests

Often overlooked by brands, the interests of an Influencer is equally important as their followers interest. The recommendation and giveaway of your brand’s products needs to be genuine and authentic for the Influencer’s followers, or you run the risk of looking like any old paid/sponsored post. Choose an influencer that regularly posts or talks about themes related to your brand or product so that when the time comes to recommend your brand and give away your products, the giveaway looks and feels genuine.

  1. History of the Influencer

How an influencer creates their content and how they have engaged with their followers in the past is important. Choose an influencer who regularly engages with their audience positively, and who has posted content similar to the aesthetic you are looking to achieve to align with your branding.


So how do you create your influencer giveaway? Usually you would have to scour the socials for influencers that match your brand and target audience, then go through the audit steps outlined above, then send hundreds of DMs to find an appropriate influencer that is willing to work with brands. Then comes the daunting task of negotiating a price for the post, then negotiating the look, feel and copy to be used in the post. It’s a lengthy process to go through and can end up costing a lot if the influencer you have your sights set on working with charges a premium for a post. However with Collaber, finding influencers is easy and doesn’t cost you a thing, other than the cost of the products you are swapping for exposure. Simply log in to your account and visit The Hub to view all our influencers and the niches they operate within, and submit your product in two clicks for the influencer to schedule your giveaway! The beauty of Collaber is, you know these influencers are ready and wanting to work with brands just like yours. There’s no sending hundreds of messages a day only to get 100 ï’m not working with brands at the moment”messages back.


The process from submitting your pitch on Collaber is simple. Once the Influencer sets the date of your giveaway, we liaise on your behalf with each influencer to ensure the correct style of content is created for your brand. We give the Influencer the copy to accompany their post, which we can write on your behalf or obtain from you, and handle the entire process for you. You can be as involved or hands-off in the influencer management process as you would like.


Influencer Giveaway Case Study

The following case study illustrates a well-executed giveaway. Note that the conditions of entry for this giveaway were that the follower was following both the prize provider and the host of the giveaway to gain one entry, and was required to tag 3 friends. This maximised the boost of followers gained, who you are then exposed to all future posts, enticing them to convert into paying customers.


Hypebeast x GOAT Giveaway

 GOAT, an online fashion store, partnered with popular street fashion blog Hypebeast to host their giveaway. This was a well-aligned match. GOAT’s main focus is high-end sneakers. Hypebeast showcases exclusive kicks to a huge following of 9.2 million followers on Instagram. The result was an incredibly relevant, impactful giveaway in which GOAT gained access to their target audience through working with Hypebeast to give away an exclusive Off-White x Nike release.

influencer giveaway case study

The entry requirements were that each follower was required to follow the host giveaway account (Hypebeast), and the prize provider (GOAT). They were also required to download the GOAT app, comment on the post, and tag three friends in the post. This maximised not only the amount of followers both the prize provider and host influencer gained during the giveaway, but also exposed each business to the network of their main followers through asking for the entrant to tag three friends. The requirement of the entrant to download the GOAT app provided growth for the app as an added benefit. 



From this example you can see that the options are endless when it comes to what you require of your entrants in order to formally enter your giveaway. The trick is to keep the requirements simple. It would be best not to require much more than three steps, like Hypebeast and GOAT have done above. This keeps the ease of entering simple enough that you won’t lose people along the process.



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