How Has Collaber Helped Brands?

Product Launch

Introducing a new product? Generate initial buzz and create word of mouth growth through the strategic use of influencers within your target market.

New Business Launch

New to the market? Create that all-important initial momentum by being featured by an industry influencer.

Get a Leg-Up on Competitors

Take more market share by reaching your prospective customers through mentions by the influencers they follow.

Change Buying Behaviour

Increase conversions by utilising your chosen influencers to convey key messages that guide consuming buying decisions.

Reach Customers Authentically

Paid ads PUSH your message on prospective customers. Using influencers to discuss your product and brand PULLS customers to you through authentic advice from a trusted source.

Fast and Low Cost Business Growth

Influencer giveaways are by far the most efficient way to supercharge your audience and customer growth. Leverage the power of influencers' trusted voice to attract followers and customers without spending a cent on advertising.

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How Can Influencer Marketing Help?

How Can Influencer Marketing Help?

HiSmile, a start-up from Australia, has attributed their success to one single strategy - influencer marketing. Turning over $10 million in just 18 months, Founders Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic targeted macro-influencers with broad reach to introduce their teeth whitening product to 15-24 year olds.

The pair bootstrapped HiSmile with $20,000 of their personal savings, and much of that was used sending their product to influencers as it was the best way to reach consumers and create the HiSmile brand image they desired. 18 months later, and influencer marketing is still the hero of their marketing strategy. Understanding the true value of influencer marketing, HiSmile struck up a deal with Kylie Jenner, whose post about HiSmile received 1.6 million likes and 253,567 comments from her 168 million Instagram followers.

How can you replicate this success? Get started today to connect with influencers, but instead of PAYING for an #ad post, swap your product for the exposure. The influencer gains valuable new followers by giving away your product as a prize to reward an individual for following them, following your business and tagging their friends to follow too, while you gain valuable access to the audience of that influencer (as well as the new follows obtained during the competition).

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